Institute of Industrial Science

Yoshioka Laboratory

Research Field

In recent years, changes in social structures and the social environment have increased in speed, and industry is required to respond to these changes quickly and reliably. Production and processing technology plays the role of outputting the final product as a real object to society and is an important basic technology common to all industrial sectors.

Our research group is actively engaged in research with the aim of realising production machining technology that simultaneously achieves the high precision, flexibility and reliability required by the international community in the future. Specifically, we are focusing on the development of technologies that will contribute to the future development of production machining technology, such as the realisation of high-precision motion mechanisms and their control, production systems that integrate machine tools and robots, and machining management based on machining condition monitoring and quality inspection.

Message to students

The laboratory is devoted to research and development with the goal of realising the world's best mechanical systems, and is enthusiastically working on a wide variety of research topics. In the process of working on each research topic, we always try to ensure that, as well as understanding the principles, students experience and acquire the skills that are important for researchers and engineers, such as system analysis and optimisation, structural design, machining, assembly, system control, measurement and performance evaluation.

Recent News

April 1, 2024 New students joined the lab.

March 14, 2024 Narita Daisuke receieved a best presentation reward in 2024 JSPE Spring Meeting(Detail

April 1, 2023 New students joined the lab.

April 1, 2023 Assistant Professor Ren was appointed.

April 1, 2023 Professor Hayato Yoshioka took up his new post and the laboratory started its activities.